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Download the 6th BCNP and 32nd RESEM Mobile App

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We are pleased to announce the free Mobile App for 6th Brazilian Conference on Natural Products (BCNP) and the 32nd Annual Meeting on Micromolecular Evolution, Systematics and Ecology (RESEM) are available for download.

The event will be held at the Clube Ítalo Brasileiro, located in Vitória in the State of Espírito Santo - Brazil, from 05 to 08 November, 2017 is supported by the Natural Products Chemistry Division of the Brazilian Chemical Society (SBQ) and Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES).

One of the many innovations from this year's edition it that the Organizing Committee partnered with Galoá to bring the first Brazilian mobile app concerning natural products area.

Natural products have been the source for medical treatments for millennia and also used as an inspiration for new drugs discovery. Studies shows that the leads from natural products have been collected from different habitats, especially marine, however, research needs to turn over a new side in order to improve dissemination of the knowledge.

In this changing world, science became increasingly interdisciplinary and to spread  information to all areas is quite complicated. With that in mind, the scientific committee of 6th BCNP decided to leverage the new technology trends to increase the engagement of the attendees and make the whole conference  more informative and useful.

  • With the BCNP 2017 Mobile App you can:
  • Build your personalized schedule.
  • Browse activities by day, theme topics or authors.
  • Sync your schedule using the Galoá's calendar desktop and the app.
  • Quickly access the full scientific program;
  • Be reminded of key and selected activities of the programme.
  • Choose your favorite papers and save to read later.
  • Download the full pdf of the abstracts to your smartphone.

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The program includes 3 poster sessions, 12 oral presentations and a wide variety of 21 invited national and international speakers talking about synthesis, extractions, analytical methodologies,new techniques and next level for research on this field.

This year the conference received more than 500 abstracts and we at Galoá know that content is the heart of all scientific meetings and make it available was our prior concern. BCNP's app prioritized their access to what matters the most by ensuring that the attendees have all the information within the mobile app (such as the paper's abstract and pdf).

Galoá's app also cared about working offline — a boon when the conference Wi-Fi gets bogged down. You do not need to sit and wait for pages to load, you will be able to keep searching and using your application.

Get the free 6th BCNP and 32nd RESEM Mobile App available for:

If you do not have smartphone ou a compatible technology, we also prepared a desktop calendar, where you can browse activities and papers in order to print your own schedule.

Enjoy the best of 6th BCNP and 32nd RESEM, have all the details and papers in your pocket with the App made by Galoá.

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"I am very happy that we are bringing this innovation to COBEQ, time is passing and we have to use the new technologies to make life easier, save time and money, carring to the conference only your badge and smartphone and not the weight of abstracts and papers." - Prof. Dra. Diana Azevedo (UFC)