6th ICPVR releases schedule! Register now for the event

The 6th edition of the International Conference on Plasmodium vivax Research (ICPVR) will take place in the Brazilian city of Manaus on the 11th to 14th of June 2017. There will be an app available for all the participants, developed by Galoá.

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Since its beginning in 2002, the main goal of the conference is to discuss new evidence and research about the Plasmodium vivax (protozoal parasite cause of malaria) so new and better ways of eradicating the pathogen can be applied.

According to Dr. Stefanie Lopes, from the Leônidas and Maria Deane Institute at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation and a member of the organizing committee, half of the infections that happens outside the African continent are caused by P. vivax. In South America, the protozoal is responsible for 90% of Malaria infections, and Manaus is right at the center of the affected area.

“The execution of this conference in Manaus will foster discussions targeting the elimination of the disease, enhancing the work that has been done in the country. It will also allow that the results and discussions presented at the congress shape the decisions taken by the health authorities.” - Dr. Stephanie Lopes, Fiocruz

The event is aimed at researchers from around the world that are interested in the field and are conducting scientific studies related to the P. vivax, graduate students, post-graduate, doctorates, and health professionals interested in increasing their knowledge about the matter.

The presented papers submitted at the 6th ICPVR will tackle the following topics:

  • Topic 1: Tackling The Hypnozoite And Relapse
  • Topic 2: Novel Insights Into Parasite Biology  
  • Topic 3: Systems Biology
  • Topic 4: Is Modelling Accelerating Elimination?
  • Topic 5: Epidemiology And Surveillance
  • Topic 6: Understanding, Mapping, And Novel Interventions In Transmission
  • Topic 7: Immunity, Pathogenesis, Vaccine Discovery And Development
  • Topic 8: Are Current Control Strategies Aimed At P. Vivax Working?
  • Topic 9: Achieving Universal Access To Safe And Effective Radical Cure
  • Topic 10: Towards Elimination Of P. Vivax Malaria

The papers will be selected based on the abstract submitted by the authors, then, the scientific committee will choose which ones will be presented as posters or oral presentations. Plus, there will be two categories of Oral Presentations, one with a 15-minute time limit, and the Turbo Talk, with a 5-minute time limit.

The event will also have six courses that will take place before the beginning of the conference on the 11th of June 2017, they are:

  • Parasite Biology, Animal Models, And Imaging Advances
  • Conducting Epidemiological Studies
  • Conducting Clinical Trials
  • Understanding Omics Data And Modelling Studies
  • Programmatic Challenges To Vivax Malaria Elimination
  • Scientific Publishing

You can find the complete schedule and speakers list at their website.

This year the organizing committee was also able to give 40 participants the Travel Awards, which benefited them with coverage of the travel and registration costs. One of the organizers explained the award:

“The Travel Awards were partially financed by speakers who renounced their travel funding given by the organizing committee, meaning we were able to award a bigger number of people and raising the diversity of participants in the event.” - Dr. Stefanie Lopes, Fiocruz

The  6th International Conference on Plasmodium vivax Research will happen on the 11th to 14th of June 2017, at the Tropical Manaus EcoResort in Manaus. The event is open to registration until June 11.

Soon the 6th ICPVR will launch their new and exclusive conference app for iOS and Android, stay tuned for more information and check out their website.