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6th ICPVR mobile is available for download

The 6th International Conference on Plasmodium vivax Research (ICPVR) will take place in Manaus on the 11th to 14th of June 2017, their app, made by Galoá, is now available for free to all its participants.

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You can download the app now at the App Store and Google Play store! It makes all the conference abstracts available to its participants. You can search for authors and bookmark your favorite papers to read later.

Goers of the 6th ICPVR will be able to set up their own schedule and select the activities they want to attend. Given this schedule, you will receive notifications 15 minutes prior the beginning of the activities you like, letting you know when and where it will take place. One of the conference’s organizers and researcher on public health at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Dr. Stephanie Lopes, explains why to use the app:

“We were very attracted by the idea of using an app during the conference due to the convenience, easy abstract access, and less paper usage. Making your own schedule is also a great feature.” - Dr. Stephanie Lopes, Fiocruz

Another advantage of using the app (when connected to the Internet) is getting real-time notifications and announcements about the event, such as eventual program changes and cancellations, improving the communication between the organizing committee and the participants.

This reflects one of ICPVR’s main objectives --  encouraging the exchange of information between students, researchers, professors and health professionals and stimulating the discussion about the latest breakthrough in Plasmodium vivax research.

Dr. Lopes explain that the P. vivax is responsible for half of the infections outside the African continent (and 10% within Africa), but it was ignored for a long time by the scientific community:

“In the past years, there was a justified rise of  Plasmodium falciparum research, while the investigation about Plasmodium vivax was left behind.” - Dr. Lopes, Fiocruz

Because of this, the International Conference on Plasmodium vivax Research was created in 2002. Since the first edition, in Thailand, the number of studies about the parasite increased significantly, explained Lopes.

Want to be part of the 6th ICPVR on the 11th to 14th of June? Go register at their website and download the mobile app for free!