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6th BCNP and 32nd RESEM proceedings series are now available

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It is our great pleasure to announce the first online proceedings of the Brazilian Conference on Natural Products (BCNP) and Annual Meeting on Micromolecular Evolution, Systematics and Ecology (RESEM) which was held from 5th to 8th November 2017, in Vitória, capital of the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil.

The four-day event engaged the expertise of chemists, biologists, pharmacists and physicists with a total of 539 abstracts published, distributed between 20 lectures and the following topics:

  1. Biodiversity and Natural Products
  2. Biological and Pharmacological Activity of Natural Products
  3. Manufacturing and Quality Control of Herbal Drugs and Essential Oils
  4. Biosynthesis and Molecular Biology of Natural Products
  5. Recent Advances in the Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Secondary Metabolites

According to the  Organizing Committee, the publication represents one giant step forward to advance scientific cooperation in Brazilian Natural Products field.

"The online publication was our first step to build the conference memories with all the researches and presentations exposed at 6th BCNP and 32nd RESEM. We build this important partnership with Galoá in order to spread the knowledge and consolidate the natural products in Brazil for the world". -  Dr. Warley Borges, UFES.

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The next edition of the conference is already scheduled, the 7th Brazilian Conference on Natural Products and XXXIII RESEM will be held at the Military Institute of Engineering, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil in November 2019.

While we wait, take this opportunity to check out the abstracts published at the online proceedings of the 6th BCNP and 32nd RESEM. You will be able to read and download a great selection of researches about natural products and micromolecular evolution.

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