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18th BWSP - state of art in the semiconductor physics

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The biannual Brazilian Workshop on Semiconductor Physics has been promoted since 1983, exploring solutions to improve semiconductors' researches. This edition provided an unique opportunity for semiconductor professionals to network and learn at Institute of Physics São Paulo (IF-USP) held between August 14-18, 2017 at Maresias, SP, Brazil.

The meeting offered special opportunities for students, researchers and specialists to interact, discuss directions and technological advancements. Some highlight lectures:

  • Prof. Annica Black-Schaffer, professor at Department of Physics and Astronomy, Materials Theory in Sweden;
  • Gian Salis, IBM Zürich Research Laboratory;
  • Ingrid D. Barcelos, Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory.

The conference also continue to cover a broad range of topics such as low dimensional systems, topological insulators, graphene, two dimensional systems beyond graphene, wide- and narrow-gap semiconductors, spin manipulation, organic and biological related semiconductors, among other traditional topics in semiconductor physics.


Conference proceedings

Beside having 19 lectures, this edition received more than 170 abstracts distributed in 11 tracks, however only 28 were selected to be indexed by Galoá’s Proceedings Platform. Check the thematic areas discussed at the meeting:

The BWSP proceedings is well designed and structured, so we submitted to be indexed by the Scopus database, we pass through all the steps and fulfill all the requirements, and we’re currently on the evaluation process. We are also applying the conference proceedings for indexing on the Web of Science, and because of the individual registration of DOI to each paper, it will be easier to find and cite the publications and authors.

This is a step forward to Galoá’s Proceedings Platform in the spread of knowledge amongst the scientific society. Enjoy the new era of online conference proceedings, click here to see the complete publications of 18th BWSP.

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